Shree Vanraj Arts and Commerce College is situated in Dharampur Taluka of Valsad District in Gujarat. Dharampur considered being the largest Taluka in India until 1996. In 1996, Dharampur was divided to form a new Taluka called Kaprada. Before the independence of India Dharampur was one of the States.
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    The last king of Dharampur was Maharaja Shree Vijaydevji. During the king rule Dharampur was a deep forest, today there are less jungles left. Dharampur is famous for heavy amount of rain and that is why it's also known as the Cherapunji of Gujarat. Even though during summers some of the villages face the scarcity of water and they are provided water through water tankers. Main inhabitants of Dharampur are Kuknas and Varli Tribals. Varli tribe is known for its handicraft called Varli Painting.  Major occupation of the locality is based on farming. The farming relies only on rain and that is why some of the habitants have migrated to other places in search of work. They work as peasants and masons in other towns and cities.
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