Principal's Message

Dharampur is a small, peaceful town with a royal heritage. Before independence it was a state that was founded in 1262. Its capital was moved to Mandvegan in 1766 and was renamed Dharampur. The state was ruled by Rajputs belonging to the Sisodhyia dynasty. Dharampur, is a real Kashmir of Gujarat which is located on Waghai-Vansda Highway. The town is on the banks of Swargavahini river at the foothills of the Sahyadri mountain range. It is a taluka place of Valsad District, which is considered a Cent percent Rural and Tribal Area by the Govt. of India. The literacy ratio of the area was very very low before the SHRIMANT MAHARANA SHRI VIJAYDEVJI SARVAJANIK KELAVANI MANDAL started academic institution in this area. The low literacy ratio naturally worsened the economy of the local people as well. People like Late Shri Nanubhai Maganlal Desai got involved in social activities for the reformation and upliftment of the tribal community. He was keenly interested in betterment of the local population with the help of best possible academic facilities in and around Dharampur. He and his followers together took up the task of giving concrete shape to their ideas. Those were the days when it was very difficult to earn livelihood and establishing and running an academic institution in the total absence of any financial help. A lot of talented Adivasi boys and girls, who wanted to get higher degrees, could not do so because of their poor condition. Late Shri Nanubhai Maganlal Desai was very deeply concerned about this and he made it possible in June 1984 with the starting of Shri Vanraj Arts and Commerce College having only 251 students in the beginning. The college, despite so many problems and challenges, never looked back. It continued accepting more and more huge challenges for the development of the institution. This was a job done purely for the purpose of serving a lot of tribal people of Dharampur taluka. This shows that the objective of the Mandal was very clear, i.e. purely academic and devoted to social service. The Kelavani Mandal had already been running a high school named S.M.S.M.High School.The establishment of our college is a step forward taken by the Kelavani Mandal in the direction of making it sure that its concern for the tribal people of this area is dynamic. To maintain such a huge mission of social service, equally huge amount of money was needed, that was initially done with the fund provided by the Jungle Kamdar Mandli, Dharampur running under the able leadership of Late Shri Nanubhai Maganlal Desai.Thus, M.S.V.S.Kelavani Mandal commenced a mission of educating local tribals and thereby serving the Nation in the true sense of the term. This was the task full of challenges like illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, direst–hunger, superstition and many illnesses related to it. The M.S.V.S. Kelavani Mandal has come out to be victorious so far and wishes to enlarge its academic capacity in near future. Shri Vanraj Arts and Commerce College, managed by Shri M.S.V.S. Kelavani Mandal has earned its fame as a reputed academic institution in the tribal area of Dharampur. The institution has undergone many difficulties in its primary stage. But the management gave priority to the development and welfare of the students of tribal area. They have made sincere attempts for the spread of higher education in the local backward area. They have developed opportunities of education for all students. The academic and co curricular activities are taking place in an organized way in this college and students have responded positively to this. The students perform well in various fields of education. We are proud that many of our students have moulded excellent career in this college and perform services at state and national level. It is necessary to develop infrastructure to impart qualitative education to our students. The grants received from UGC have been very helpful in this task. We have developed the facility to opt for maximum subjects in this semester system. The college is well-equipped for the effective teaching-learning process. The Internet facility for online interaction is available for the students. We have tried to develop in students the research attitude and motivate them to think in the direction of social problems and their solution. We have always been cautious to take care of our students who are in the center of all academic programmes. We hope for your cooperation and guidance in this noble task.

-Dr. U. L. Patel

Incharge Principal